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Tires4Track is an online community solely dedicated to performance tire discussion. Whether you participate in HPDE, Autocross, Drag Racing, Club Racing, Professional Racing or are just an enthusiast; Tires4Track is THE place for Motorsport Participants of all kinds to come together and share their experiences and knowledge of performance tires. This forum was an idea conceived by two friends who frequent weekend HPDE’s together, who got tired of searching countless car forums and places like Chump Car in hopes of finding a little more info about a particular tire. It’s been their shared desire to create a community that will serve as a single location encompassing all aspects of performance tires with hopes to include insight from respected professionals and peers alike, reviews of new products and even sharing current deals!

Tires are arguably the single most important performance aspect of your car and consequently, seem to be far and away the most discussed item amongst Motorsport participants.

...So join us here at and together we’ll all benefit from the shared wealth of knowledge!