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    Endurance racing - LeChampWRL

    New data point for the Hankook RS4 after a 24-hour Lemons race at Carolina Motorsports Park - 4/27-28/2019. Car: 1985 Toyota MR2 Weight: 2300-ish without driver Wheel size: 15x8 Tire size 225/45/15 HP/TQ: 100/not much Camber F: Not sure, but definitely at least -2.0 all around The team has...
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    Endurance racing - LeChampWRL

    Let's get the conversation started: Suggestion for additional information will be added. Car: 1985 Toyota Supra Weight: 2540 without driver Wheel size: 17x9 and 15x9 Tire size 255/40-17 245/40/15 HP/TQ: 160/175 Camber F: -3.0 R: -2.0 Comments: This car has completed 15 races and...
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    champ car daytona

    Thanks for making the team drivers less stressed. It was a pleasure to meet you.