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Toyo R888888888R Review


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May 24, 2019
Tire is on a 2004 Mazda RX8 with stiffer springs and bars, I am using 17 x 8 inch wheels.

Tire has been great. I got them when the Kuhmos melted. Toyo publishes temps and pressures for the track (a good thing). These do not seem to mind temp at all. I am running 30 cold (65 degrees) up front and 27 cold in the rear. I use the Roebling +2 on the left front when I am there.

I have run 2 full weekends at Roebling (instructing, giving rides, watching students) and a full open track day at the FIRM (only 4 cars), drove until too tired to drive. Half the tread is left, more on the sides, less in the center. Like an idiot I forgot to watch the temp creep at the FIRM. Should be easy to even them back out.

I will likely step down to the 225 width next time. The extra half or so inch of tread is really not needed, and the more stable sidewall will likely help.

The tire is quiet. You can easily tell what it is doing if you pay attention, but it will not while or squeal. The most you get is a rumble as you move through the end of the slip angle.

All in all, a great tire. I really wish I had not told anyone about it. My buddies went out and bought the same tire.

And, it is nice to drive to hotel or fuel station, not advisable with slicks.


Staff member
Feb 26, 2019
Great review. Thanks for that. I've been on the fence about giving these a go next. I'm going for it. Now time to hunt down the deal... lol