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Kumho ECSTA V720 closeout 2014


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Feb 26, 2019
orlando, fl

this is a set of the closeout tires from 2014. as i am king of closeouts, (i have to) this is how they fared.

all days were done on my vw gti. 245 45 17 on 8 inch wheels

after reading the reviews at tirerack. i heat cycled them on track for one morning session at roebling road. started at 26 psi front and 28 psi cold. came off track at ~34 hot all 4 corners.

looking at them after the heat cycle you could see what i call smearing starting to happen. i had talked to kumho about this and they said is was a compound issue.

ran them the next day for 5 / 25min sessions. excellent grip, good feel.
day two on them at the sebring long course. again did great, but you could see the smearing get worse.

i made sure hot pressures never went over 34 psi front.

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then i did two days at roebling road again.
first day they were great, lots of grip. i was keeping ahead of my friend on re71s, he is usually in front of me. the new had worn off the 71s. :(
ended up settling on 34 hot in front / 38 rear. rotating tires at lunch.
first session after lunch i had 2 offs in my favorite corner, made no sense. well somehow i missed my tire pressure adjustments after rotation. i was at 28 hot in front.

i think that was where the chunking came from as the day progressed.

my investment for this test was 325 bucks. i would do the new version of this tire again if the compound issue is solved.

this tire is extremely resistant to front outside tire wear. as the gti is stock, it has killed other tires.

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Jul 5, 2020
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