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  1. Swoope

    Toyo R888888888R Review

    thanks mike! just cut a deal with discounttiresdirect. on a set. beers 🍻
  2. Swoope

    toyo r888r 235/45/17 labor day savings

    well, just got off the phone with discount tire direct, they price matched simple tire. with no tax. really good experience with brad. they are not in stock. but for the money i can wait! beers 🍻
  3. Swoope

    where do you shop for tires?

    i have been using tirerack for over 35 years. sad but true. when not tirerack discounttiredirect, have used simple tire twice. and tires easy once. anything i am missing? beers 🍻
  4. Swoope

    nitto nt05 235/45/17 labor day savings

    bad news, simple tire is not charging tax. i dont think i will be shopping with them again. beers 🍻
  5. Swoope

    toyo r888r 235/45/17 labor day savings

    bad news, simple tire is not charging tax. i dont think i will be shopping with them again. beers 🍻
  6. Swoope

    nitto nt05 235/45/17 labor day savings

    very good price for a know, but not to me hpde tire. 509 for a set. coupon code adds itself but if not nittomd20 should do it. beers 🍻
  7. Swoope

    toyo r888r 235/45/17 labor day savings

    simple tire. must add toyomd15 at checkout. but 624 for a set of substantial track tires. beers 🍻
  8. Swoope

    post a vote

    ok, we are getting some views here, but not enough posting. normal for a new site/idea. maybe this will bring some people out. have to replace my ill fated, but really liked kuhmo 720s. options are. kuhmo 720 i really want to see if they fixed the issue, and is a great track tire...
  9. Swoope

    Endurance racing - LeChampWRL

    would love to see what changing pressure would do. i have a set of the RS3 that i have only done one day on.. and have the same feeling about feel and grip. though i have had two really good drivers ride with me and comment on how good they felt. go figure. do you have any idea of what...
  10. Swoope

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4S vs. Bridgestone Potenza S007A

    i rode along with a friend in an audi rs5 with some special order stuff on it. ceramic brakes and such. he is a very talented driver. has a caged rx7 with a v8 in it as a fun track car. car was stock and he was driving hard. this is what we found after he did two sessions on the 007a...
  11. Swoope


    once again closeouts. these are not the newer + version. really great tire. on my rx8 245 45 17 on 8 inch wheels. did everything well, even rain. got 9 track days plus to and from track on them. wore great, they were consistent. would have got another day of two if one had not...
  12. Swoope

    Endurance racing - LeChampWRL

    peter, thanks so much. this is just what we are looking for and you format is well done. i think i will be seeing you around halloween. :) please drop me an email. beers 🍻
  13. Swoope

    champ car daytona

    the drive home was a bitch. lol please shoot me an email here, i have a few questions for you. :) beers :beers)
  14. Swoope

    champ car daytona

    to all that i chatted with thanks for dropping by. please take the time to say hi or contribute. the team i was working with finished 1st in class. was a fun but very long day. beers 🍺
  15. Swoope

    Phone test

    Photo test.
  16. Swoope

    Phone test

    Test from track
  17. Swoope

    Phone test

  18. Swoope

    Mich pss

    test, but for sale in local orlando or an hours drive area.. mich pss 225 45 17 235 45 17 two each. 300 bucks for the set. also a single 235 45 17 50 bucks. Beers 🍻
  19. Swoope

    Kumho ECSTA V720 closeout 2014

    ok, this is a set of the closeout tires from 2014. as i am king of closeouts, (i have to) this is how they fared. all days were done on my vw gti. 245 45 17 on 8 inch wheels after reading the reviews at tirerack. i heat cycled them on track for one morning session at roebling road...
  20. Swoope

    learning info

    thanks for coming by. please help us help you. the learning curve here is going to be steep. so if you see something major please click the contact us link. right now the photo size is set at 5000k. and thanks to all we met this weekend at RR. what a wonderful weekend. Beers 🍻